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     Private, Off Leash Dog Park
    Customized Pet Boarding
Dog Day Care
     Horse/Farm Visits.
     Administering Medications
     Fluid Therapy

     Rental Facility   


JC Pet Care


Need In-Home Pet Boarding, Dog Day Care or Farm Visits?


Then Pet Sitting, by an Insured, Registered Veterinary Technician, providing both professional and personalized Pet Care, may be just what you've been searching for!


With JC Pet Care, you may be totally assured, that while you are away, your cherished pets will be pampered and loved as if they were our very own. We offer affordable pet sitting, boarding and day care, for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, reptiles, horses and all types of farm animals.  


Customized Pet Boarding & Day Care with JC Pet Care, means no kennels or cages (unless specially requested or necessary).  No required nap times, unless desired by your pet.   Your dog(s) will not be waiting around for someone to come and let them out of their kennel for short play periods...for an extra fee.


JC Pet Care offers all inclusive pet care at one basic price.  EVERYTHING is included: Treats, all day TLC, playtime, exercise and on the spot correction of inappropriate behaviors.  At night your pet lives, as it would in its own home; with lots of TLC, snuggling and belly rubs.  Again, at no extra charge, to you.

   Pooch Park

A Supervised, Off Leash Dog Park.


Are your pet's health and safely important to you?  Then come check us out. A place where you and your canine companions can exercise together or just have fun socializing with other dogs and their pooch parents. Proper socialization skills, proof of current vaccines and parasite free;  all a must for JC Pooch Park Participants.  Rentals areas available for dogs not quite ready for group interaction but still filled with a desire to run and play.  First time visitors, please call for an appointment to evaluate your dogs social skills.

JC Pet Care's New Home:  A perpetual work in progress

JC Pet Care 

32775 Bootlegg Rd.  Winchester, Ca 92596





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