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Charley D.

San Diego, CA


     This place is also Temecula's only off leash park! We signed up here recently when I googled "dog park temecula". Having moved from Rancho Bernardo, our girls are used to getting off leash time every day.  Now we have a back yard so they get to go out but we couldn't find a dog park in Temecula since Redhawk is closed for repair.  I am so glad I found this place.  They have three huge areas for the dogs to play but their whole property is fenced so even if someone opens a gate, there's no worry of our dogs getting away and going somewhere they shouldn't be.  The owners are a cool couple that turned their property into a puppy play paradise complete with massive open spaces, a pond for colling off, chuck-its and balls, clean water containers and pet waste bags.  Now we just load up our girls and go.  This place is a blast


Jann D.

Murrieta, CA


     The most amazing experience ever! My cat is not social and takes a long time to warm up to people. He was under Jackie's expert care for 9 days, the only time I've left him completely alone. She checked on him twice a day, fed him, played with him, cleaned up after him (litter duty) and took exceptional care of him. Jackie also logged each day's activities for my review. It was a relief to know he was being cared for in his own home with a minimum of disruption. I was able to enjoy my trip without worry. I will definitely use JC Petcare again. I have already recommended her services to my friends.


Jack T.



     I was extremely pleased with the services of JC Pet Care. I took my two dogs there last minute on Christmas Day and they were VERY accommodating. The place is HUGE with multiple gated areas and is very secure and safe. There were many other friendly dogs there as well. It's a good feeling knowing that I have a reliable place for my dogs to stay when I am away from home. Thank you JC Pet Care! See you soon!

Brenda M.

      I love JC petcare and my furry kids love it more. Freedom, other furry friends and tlc from Jackie Cenoz!


Cindy W.

     I love Jackie and Pam!! They are truly amazing people who love and care for dogs as you would for your own. This is the ONLY dog park I would take my big old two year "puppy" to. Hehe still a puppy in my eyes!! =) The park is spacious, well gated, and has lots of space for the dogs to run around and release their pent up energy. They thoroughly check that all dogs are well socialized and the vaccinations are up to date which gives me, as a doggie parent, a huge piece of mind. Everyone in Temecula or Murrieta should check out J.C. pooch park and pet care at least once. I never went to another public dog park after coming here. Would recommend to my family and friends!  

Susan M.

     I would not take my two kids (Shih Tzus)..anywhere else. Jackie is amazing and gives them all the TLC they so demand!!! She is the very best there is


David R.

Temecula, CA

     I have left my English Bulldog at Jackie's place more than a dozen times and for extended periods. My dog greatly enjoys the fabulous amenities available here; such as the wonderful care given by Jackie, the numerous outdoor activities available to pets of the property i.e., outdoor dog park, pond, and a large open air gated and secured acre of awesomeness to play his heart out daily. There is no other place like JC pet care for you're pet care and or short term or long term boarding needs. Simply perfect.


Dawn S.

Temecula, CA


    Last year our family rescued a black Lab who we affectionately named Lola.  Our girl was bruised, battered and       undernourished. She was fearful of strangers and was on high alert in social settings.  As we celebrated Lola's first year with us, we were presented with another opportunity to rescue a black Lab.  We thought that having a furry sibling would help Lola relax a little. We are so lucky that Lola and Maggie have taken to each other like milk and cookies. Unfortunately, however, they have become difficult to walk, social settings were really tough (and we like to entertain), they go crazy when someone knocks on our door and they take advantage of the fact that there are two dogs, three kids and only two parents in our house! Realizing that our home was on the brink of insanity, we decided that we needed some help! Badly!
     This is the part where I just have to get real with you.  I've got a million words to describe our situation and our issues with our dogs, but I'm at a complete loss of words to truly and effectively convey how incredible JC Pet Care, Jackie and Pam are. Their approach to working with a family goes beyond whatever we ever expected. They took the time to get to know us, our family and our dogs.  They listened and then they took all of that information and helped us understand the language our dogs speak. 
     We've been working with Pam for our training sessions.  There are two words that describe her, whether she agrees with this or not, she truly is a dog whisperer.  In the few weeks that she has been working with us, the improvements have been dramatic.  Pam's "homework" is straightforward and uncomplicated- two key factors in our ability to follow through given how busy life can get! Most importantly, Pam takes the time in our sessions to help us understand the whys of what our dogs do.  We now have such a different perspective of what is going on in our house and that feels so good!
     Here's a really important thing I need to share before I close.  Lola has been with us for over a year now, during this time we have been turned away from four different boarders because of her fear of strangers. In fact, the only person that could watch her while we were out of town was a neighbor.  We became those nervous parents who couldn't leave their child with anyone.   
     Until we met Pam and Jackie.  This has been the first time our dogs could board together and more importantly Lola wanted to board! Our dogs spent four days at JC Pet Care for a boarding and training.  They came home physically exhausted from playing with the other dogs and training!  More than that, they came back to us different dogs! Our friends can now knock on our door without fear! We had a house full of family over thanksgiving and it was enjoyable! The dogs were perfect!


Lake Elsinore, CA

    My dog, Shiloh LOVES Jackie's! It was tricky at first getting there with the GPS, it took me to a closed road. Once I found JC Pooch Park, my puppy didn't want to leave. I have been there often over the years and use her park plus services. Jackie loves your dogs as much as you do, it's the only person I would leave my precious puppy.


Ary Deb


  • Love it! Love it! Love it!





    Jackie has been an amazing friend to my pets for many years. She has pet sitted when we are out of town and always does a fantastic job, not just tending to the feedings but taking the pups for walks, playing fetch with them, and even writing a note on how they were while we were gone. She does a great job with my aging dog and over the years has tended to all our pet needs including bearded dragons, snakes, parrots, and pups. Thank you Jackie you are a gift to this valley!

Orlando C.



    This place is fantastic!  I love to see my little Yorkie getting exhausted running around the place.  The owner Jackie divides the dogs in packs that are sure to get along.  The place is well landscaped and partitioned to be able to divide the dogs based on their social skills.  Even dogs need a vacation; this is the place to bring them.

Marcella A.

Murrieta, CA


    As a veterinary specialist I am go grateful to have found Jackie to leave my two Dobies with! 
Jackie is now part of their family and JC Petcare is becoming a second home. I never worry when my fur babies are with Jackie and  travel with peace of mind knowing my pups are with their second mom and sometimes they're so busy playing and having fun they don't even want to get in the van to come home when I arrive to pick them up!
I trust Jackie implicitly !
Dr. Marcella Ashton BVSc, MRCVS, DVM, DACVO.
Animal Eye Vet
Murrieta CA

Kristen C.

Temecula, CA


    I'm SOOO glad I found Jackie! I have a mini pig & I now have somewhere safe & fun for her to go when I'm working long days. Their property is beautiful, they were so friendly, & my Poppy girl had a blast! I can't wait to take her back.

Leland W.

Temecula, CA


    We have been taking our black lab Abby to Jackie for several years now and could not be happier.  As with most dog owners we are always concerned in what care they will receive and believe me you will not find a better place to take your family member.   My wife always says if we did not have Jackie she would not go on vacation.  

Fantastic place, plenty of room to run around, dogs are inside at night and all the dogs get along.

Thank goodness for JC Pet care.  Now we go on vacation with no worry's !!

Gregory C.

Murrieta, CA


    We took our two dogs to Jackie after reading the reviews posted on Yelp.  It was the first time we left our dogs with a pet care service and as you can imagine we were a little apprehensive.  Upon our first meeting with Jackie, we knew we would be able to enjoy our ski trip without worry.  She texted us a few times letting us know how our dogs were doing and responded to everyone of our texts.  The property is ideal for dogs as they get to run and play on 5 acres some of which is set up as a dog park.  It was also great knowing our dogs slept inside a home just as they do at their own home!  Jackie also gave us some insight and worked with our rescue who is shy around most people. When we picked our dogs up we expected them to go crazy; however, it appeared that they had such a great time that they just responded like, oh ok, lets go home.  They must of been tuckered out though, they slept extremely hard the first two nights back home.

A few other tidbits about this service we really relied on when making our decision is that Jackie was a long time Veterinarian Tech and was highly recommended by Dr. Marcella Ashton who we hold in high regard.

Monica G.

La Mesa, CA


    Loved it here! Had to leave my 3 puppies here for 5 days.
It is so spacious! The dogs basically have free roam of most of the property and everything is gated properly. The littlest ones are separated from the bigger pups and everyone's safe.
I loved that they're not locked up in a kennel all day.
Thank you so much for taking great care of my four-legged kids.

Steven V.

San Diego, CA


    Long over due to write a review. I had JC watch my two big doggos, ones been to day care the youngest and biggest hasn't. She watched them during Christmas and they absolutely enjoyed their time running around the wide open spaces. Then a few weeks later I took all three of them in. The oldest has never been boarded, shes a deaf girl (born that way) and a chihuahua/dachshund to boot. She's a spoiled girl and she was happy as could be there. Will definitely reuse JC for any boarding or daycare needs.

Al S.

Cerritos, CA



Jackie is AWESOME!!!
She's boarded our little SHIH TZU/BICHON FRESE, Chesty twice .
Both times Chesty has been very happy and well cared for!
This location is a beautiful small ranch with it's own fenced dog park!
Additionally, smaller and medium sized dogs are kept inside the house with free roam! They sleep here too.
The larger dogs are kept in a fenced and covered dog run and also have the run of the ranch.
They are all well loved and supervised at all times.
I highly recommend Jackie!!!!!

Steven G.

San Diego, CA


Jackie is awesome , she loves dogs and therefore cares for them like are her own.  Always willing to help , thank you 

Donna S.

Temecula, CA


My dogs came home happy and tuckered out. They even made pup friends, which they don't often do. Thank you, Jackie for the great care for my dogs. I don't trust them with many people, but I do trust leaving them with you. Wonderful care and great service. Thanks again.

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